Anelise Bredow is a Plastic Artist graduated by UFSM (Federal University of Santa Maria) – Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil. Worked, during some years, as a Designer of Products in Industry of Ceramic Revestiments and now has been keeping, for 10 years, a Ceramic Studio up in the mountain valleys of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil. 

In the studio, she developes her aesthetic language through the clay, transformed in Sculptures, Panels, Pots, Drawings and Objects. Her creative process is inspired on her dad’s profession, electronics technician, that allowed, since her childhood, the conviviality of the artist with the inside of old radios and TVs. Some pieces in these electronics were, including, made of ceramics. In a child’s eyes, the pieces connected revealed itselfs like little worlds, little paralell realities. Thus, emerges an imaginary universe of forms, colors and “creatures”. 

Recently (on April/2016), the artist concluded the Professional Master in Creative Industries, at Feevale University/Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil, and her Research Project was about the “Analysis of Artistic Discourses in Contemporary”. 

The Ceramic Studio is located in a beautiful Brazilian region, known as “Romantic Route”, 60 kilometers away from Porto Alegre, the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul. 
Contact: - anelisebredow@gmail.com – facebook.com/anelise.bredow
Street BR 116, kilometer 217, number 851 – Morro Reuter/Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil. Zip Code: 93990-000. Telephone: 00xx55513569.2220

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